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For over 20 years, the fun-and-friendly Dummies ACT guides have helped college hopefuls like you crush it on test day and get into the schools of their dreams! ACT 2022 For Dummies makes it easy to pump up your English, math, science, and readings scores, and to write circles around the graders, if you choose to take the optional writing test. You're about to launch into the rest of your life! With book's straight-to-the-point explanations, practice questions, and full-length tests -- and a side of laughter, courtesy of the teen-approved Dummies style -- you can ace the ACT and start your college career with confidence. Forgot how to solve for x? Can't tell your hyphens from your hypotheses? No worries! Review it all -- or maybe figure it out for the first time -- in no time with explanations that complement your teachers' lessons -- and are definitely funnier.

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