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Your one-stop guide to anger management Anger is a completely normal, healthy human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems - at work, in personal relationships, and in the overall quality of life. Anger Management For Dummies provides trusted and authoritative information on anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you or a loved one identify sources of anger and release them healthily. Anger has become one of the most intimate issues in today's world - as life, in general, has become increasingly stressful. . Anger Management For Dummies shows you how anger is often a bi-product of other more primitive emotions, such as fear, depression, anxiety, and stress, and arms you with the strategies that can help you conquer them.

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Charles H. Elliott

I am a clinical psychologist. I taught psychology at two medical schools and a graduate program in clinical psychology. Early in my career I focused on academics and research. Later, I had the opportunity to write a book. After the first book, the chance came along to write another. And another and another. I discovered I had a passion for writing about complicated psychological concepts and ideas in a way that the general public could find accessible and appealing. The For Dummies format fits that goal nicely. I hope you enjoy the results.

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