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Conversation techniques and tools that can help strong managers become great leadersOften the very same skills and traits that enable rising stars to achieve success "tenacity, aggressiveness, self-confidence" become liabilities when promoted into a leadership track. While managers' conversations are generally transactional and centered on the task at hand, leaders must focus on people, asking great questions and aligning them with the vision for the future. Leadership mindsets and skills can be developed, and Leadership Conversations provides practical guidance for connecting with others in ways that transform each interaction into an opportunity for organizational and personal growth.Identifies four types of conversation every leader must master: building relationships, making decisions, taking action, and developing othersProvides an action plan for boosting your personal leadership potential, as well for developing leadership skills in othersDraws on the authors' rich experience coaching and working with leaders at a wide range of organizations, including NASA, the U.

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Alan S. Berson

From Alan's birth in Hartford, CT sixty years ago until now, he has earned a Wharton MBA, a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University and mostly enjoyed twelve different careers over 35 years.More importantly he has learned to balance being a Human Being and a Human Doing. To do so in the world of leadership and communications, took finding his leadership voice and mastering the use of curiosity as the key to motivating and igniting leadership passion and success in others.From the halls of Wharton Executive Education to engaging clients at off-sites and giving evocative presentations and keynotes, Alan gets clients to focus on what makes a difference in their lives and link this to their performance as managers and leaders.Alan's second grade teacher taught him that while curiosity might have "killed the cat", that "satisfaction brought it back". That explains Alan's ever-present smile.

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