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The acclaimed author of In Search of Schrödingers Cat searches for life on other planetsAre we alone in the universe? Surely amidst the immensity of the cosmos there must be other intelligent life out there. Dont be so sure, says John Gribbin, one of todays best popular science writers. In this fascinating and intriguing new book, Gribbin argues that the very existence of intelligent life anywhere in the cosmos is, from an astrophysicists point of view, a miracle. So why is there life on Earth and seemingly nowhere else? What happened to make this planet special? Taking us back some 600 million years, Gribbin lets you experience the series of unique cosmic events that were responsible for our unique form of life within the Milky Way Galaxy.Written by one of our foremost popular science writers, author of the bestselling In Search of Schrödingers Cat Offers a bold answer to the eternal question, Are we alone in the universe?Explores how the impact of a supercomet with Venus 600 million years ago created our moon, and along with it, the perfect conditions for life on EarthFrom one of our most talented science writers, this book is a daring, fascinating exploration into the dawning of the universe, cosmic collisions and their consequences, and the uniqueness of life on Earth.

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