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Connect with Sue herself on Facebook! Received the Shamus Award, "The Eye" (Lifetime achievement award) in 2003. Family History:Father: C.W. Grafton, born 1909, third son of Presbyterian Missionaries, born and raised in China, educated Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina; practicing attorney in Louisville, Kentucky with a 40-year specialty in municipal bonds. Author of THE RAT BEGAN TO GNAW THE ROPE, THE ROPE BEGAN TO HANG THE BUTCHER, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, MY NAME IS CHRISTOPHER NAGEL. Died, 1982. Mother: Vivian Harnsberger, oldest daughter of Presbyterian Missionaries; born 1908 in Spruce, West Virginia, raised in China, educated at Radford State Teachers College with a degree in secondary education; taught high school chemistry before her marriage in 1932 to C.W. Grafton, a childhood sweetheart. Died 1960. Siblings: one sister, Ann; a retired librarian who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Personal History:Subject born in Louisville, Kentucky April 24 1940; graduated University of Louisville, BA 1961 with a major in English Literature, minors in Humanities and Fine Arts. Subject married to Steven F. Humphrey with three children from previous marriages: a daughter, Leslie; a son, Jay; a daughter, Jamie; and three granddaughters, Erin, age 21, Kinsey, age 13, Taylor, age 4, and Addison, age 2.Employment History:Subject has worked in the medical field as an admissions clerk, cashier, and clinic secretary, St. Johns Hospital, Santa Monica; medical secretary to a GP and later medical education secretary, Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, California. Subject has written numerous movies for television: "Walking Through the Fire" for which she won a Christopher Award, 1979, "Sex and the Single Parent," "Mark, I Love You," and "Nurse. " In addition, with Steven Humphrey, she adapted two Agatha Christie novels, "Caribbean Mystery" and "Sparkling Cyanide. " The two also cowrote "Killer in the Family," and "Love on the Run. " Previous mysteries include: 'A' IS FOR ALIBI (1982) , 'B' IS FOR BURGLAR (1985) , 'C' IS FOR CORPSE (1986) , 'D' IS FOR DEADBEAT (1987) , 'E' IS FOR EVIDENCE (1988) , 'F' IS FOR FUGITIVE (1989) , 'G' IS FOR GUMSHOE (1990) , 'H' IS FOR HOMICIDE (1991) 'I' IS FOR INNOCENT (1992) , 'J' IS FOR JUDGMENT (1993) , 'K' IS FOR KILLER (1994) , 'L' IS FOR LAWLESS (1995) , 'M' IS FOR MALICE (1996) . Early novels include; KEZIAH DANE (1967) and THE LOLLY-MADONNA WAR (1969) , both out of print.

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