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For centuries we have been taught to work harder so we can buy more stuff. We believe the lie that more stuff equals more happiness. But we often don't realize it all comes with a cost: our space, time, energy, and money (S.T.E.M.) . Sometimes that cost is worth paying, but more often than not, when the happiness fades the cost far exceeds its value.Jennifer Ford Berry is not a minimalist, but she has learned the way to long-lasting joy. It's a lifestyle encompassed by this very phrase: purpose over possessions. She has developed and taught this approach to living a more meaningful and intentional life with thousands of people over her career as a professional organizer. And now the keys are captured in this book!The question is: are you ready to live life differently? This book empowers you with what Jennifer calls the "P-Principles" that guide you in recognizing and eliminating clutter so you can discover new focus for your God-given purpose.

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Jennifer Ford Berry

Jennifer Ford Berry is a life organizing expert, entrepreneur, speaker and author.Jennifer is the author of the best selling book: Organize Now! a week by week guide to simplify your space and your life which has currently sold over 200,000 copies world wide. She has recently released:Organize Now! your money, business and career andOrgnaize Now! 12 month home and activity plannerJennifer is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL where she received a BA degree in Business and Marketing.She is also the co-owner of Mothertime Marketplace, a semi-annual event geared toward children and moms, that is currently held four times per year in Western New York.Currently, Jennifer resides in Western New York with her husband and two children. She is available for book signings, discussion groups and speaking engagements.

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