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A horrifying and hopeful true story that holds Christian culture accountable for the ways it objectifies, vilifies, and sacrifices its daughters. Eighteen-year-old Kristy has a stalker who sits three pews behind her every Sunday morning. She expects her beloved church family to rally around her, but her fundamentalist church council is dismissive. As her stalker's erratic behavior escalates toward a promised Old Testament-style execution, and church members continue to shelter him while promoting purity culture, she must make a choice: submit to the point of being murdered or leave everything behind to build a new life--and faith--from scratch. Early Praise: "Not merely a thriller about being stalked, Act Normal raises important questions on the church, feminine sexuality - and most challengingly, how to be a peacemaker in a violent world when it comes at great cost.

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Kristy Burmeister

Kristy Burmeister is a former pastor's kid, former southerner, and current inhabitant of the northern woods. When she's not writing, she's either obsessively researching her family tree or "accidentally" showing up at your house, just as you're about to serve dinner.

Twitter: KristyBurm

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