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Nick Ventner is a drunk with a blatant disregard for others. He's also damned good at hunting creatures that aren't supposed to exist.From amateur necromancers in the bayou to Sasquatch impersonators in the Pacific Northwest, Nick's seen it all. Even if some of the details might be a little fuzzy.In Whiteout, Nick faces his greatest challenge to date. Accompanied by his trusty mountain guide, Lopsang, and his testy apprentice, James, Nick journeys into the Himalayas to settle a matter of pride and payouts, as he searches for the lost riches of Shangri-La rumored to lie within the mountain's peak. However, the sudden arrival of Nick's greatest adversary, Manchester, complicates matters, and pits the two in a race towards the top, and both soon find that they have not just one another to contend with, but also a mythical and elusive yeti that has been terrorizing the mountain.

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Ashton Macaulay

Ashton Macaulay is a fiction writer living in Seattle Washington. His other works include the short stories, Diary of a Dead Man, published in Aberrant Literature Short Fiction Collection Vol.3, and Future Solutions published in Aberrant Tales. Ashton has always enjoyed tackling myths and legends from the fringes of reality with a humorous bend, and has been writing for over ten years.

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