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Angelique Chauvin Slater, born beautiful and privileged, is no fragile Southern belle, having weathered life's storms with a resilient determination and an unshakable faith. Now, as a blushing young bride, she optimistically arrives in Washington City filled with joyful anticipation, eager to begin her happy future. But America in 1856 is a nation in transition, undeniably divided, a place of social unrest and political consequences. Hoping for a less-challenging, more familiar way of life, she is delighted when a professional opportunity for her husband moves them to Charleston, South Carolina, never imagining the life-altering event that would change everything and tear the republic apart. Suddenly entangled by two wars, one which grips the country and another, more sinister, which threatens her growing family, she must rise, unbroken, to fight like never before, engaging in a battle that tests her resolve and character.

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