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NEW FULL COLOR PRINT EDITION! (Coming March 2018) Reduce your lawn and your grocery budget. Take gardening to the next level!Would you like to grow healthy food for your table? Do you want to learn the secrets of farming even though you live in a neighborhood? Author Amy Stross talks straight about why the suburbs might be the ideal place for a small farm.In these pages you'll learn:How to make your landscape as productive as it is beautiful Why the suburbs are primed with food-growing potential How to choose the best crops for success Why you don't need the perfect yard to have a micro-farm How to use easy permaculture techniques for abundant harvestsIf you're ready to create a beautiful, edible yard, this book is for you.The Suburban Micro-Farm will show you how to grow your own fruits, herbs, and vegetables even on a limited schedule.

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Amy Stross

Amy Stross, author of The Suburban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People, is an avid permaculture gardener, writer, and educator with a varied background in home-scale food production.

At age 33, Amy fell ill with an autoimmune disease, and began exploring healthy lifestyle choices as a way to cope.

Her first step in her journey was to join a local organic farm's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program where she collected a weekly share of fresh produce. She thought the program was so cool that she joined the administrative team, and helped to run the program that feeds over 100 families per year.

She went on to work for a professional landscape gardener, who specialized in ecologically friendly and edible landscapes. There, she learned that healthy fruits and vegetables could indeed grow right outside her own kitchen door.

After receiving her permaculture design certificate, she began to design productive, edible landscapes that also regenerate ecological integrity.

Her own 0.10-acre home scale micro-farm became a thriving example of a productive yet aesthetically pleasing landscape, with berry bushes, cherry trees, herbs, flowers, and vegetable raised beds.

Amy also led the development of a community garden at her local university, where, with the help of community residents, she transformed a forgotten hillside into a food-producing forest. For this work she was awarded the Urban Bounty Award for 'building community and changing lives through the harvest of community gardening'.

Her current adventures include transforming a new 3.3-acre property into a biodiverse micro-farm with her husband and mischievous farm cat.

She reaches hundreds of thousands of people with her adventures and expertise in small-scale permaculture gardening on her popular website, TenthAcreFarm.com.

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