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Why do some gardens make us feel so wonderful, relaxed and refreshed? Using ideas based on ancient and modern practices, this book shows how you can uplift yourself and others in a serene setting designed for “unplugging” and relaxing. Whether you are intending to create a lovely garden or just thinking about a future outdoor haven, Heaven is a Garden will help you see your backyard in a whole new light and reawaken an awareness of the wonders of Nature. “Simplicity, Sanctuary and Delight” is the guideline that noted landscape designer Jan Johnsen recommends in this elegantly written book. She draws on her 40 years in the profession and offers stunning visuals and specific ways to make a garden look glorious and feel harmonious at the same time.

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Jan Johnsen

An engaging writer and speaker, Jan Johnsen has been in the landscape design profession for over four decades. The June 2015 Garden Bunch review of her 2014 garden design book,'Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection' (St. Lynn's Press) , says:

"When's the last time you read a gardening book cover to cover, all in one sitting? Up until a few weeks ago, my answer to that question would have been, "A gardening book? NEVER." But then I read "Heaven is a Garden." Cover to cover. All in one sitting. And then I read it again. I'll probably read it again - it's that captivating! Highly recommended."
source: http://gardenbunch.com/book-reviews/heaven-is-a-garden-book-review/

Garden Design magazine featured Jan's design tips their 2016 summer issue. In their website they also shared some tips: website - http://www.gardendesign.com/landscape-design/tips.html

Jan taught for 7 years at Columbia University and is a popular instructor at NY Botanical Garden. Her next book, The Spirit of Stone', (pub. by St. Lynn's Press) will be out in February, 2017. It shares ideas about all the ways you can use stone in the garden.

Awarded the 2014 Merit Award by the Association for Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) , Jan's landscape design firm is www.johnsenlandscapes.com. Her Facebook pages are 'The Spirit of Stone', 'Heaven is a Garden' and 'Serenity in the Garden blog'.

September 2016 review from Jennifer Jewell of NSPR: 'Cultivating Place':
Even on a Monday - Heaven IS a garden.... Enjoyed so many things about @jan.johnsen 's book on garden design concepts entitled Heaven is a Garden(@stlynnspress) , but perhaps my favorite was the way she covers the idea that all gardens have a "power spot". This caught me and rang so true to every garden with which I've had a relationship: that one place where the energy causes pause, where the light gathers or simply where you are drawn or re-freshed by being there for no reason you can put your finger on. In my own little new suburban garden I'm considering the way we shape space - find and cultivate this moment of energetic exchange or pause. Thank you Jan Johnsen for the thought provoking pages!

A 6 minute 'Pecha Kucha' slide talk presented in September 2014: http://www.pechakucha.org/presentations/heaven-is-a-garden

For a schedule of upcoming lectures and workshops, please visit http://www.serenityinthegarden.blogspot.com.

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