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Trying to pass your Series 7 Exam? Pass The 7 is written with the reader always in mind. This Series 7 exam study guide uses Plain English and concise explanations as it ticks off the items mentioned on the FINRA Series 7 exam outline point-by-point. To reduce your frustration in obtaining your Series 7 license, we try to make sure each sample question in our Pass The 7 Online Practice Question Bank is explained within this textbook. In fact, we encourage you to use this study guide while working through the Series 7 sample questions. When you encounter a tough practice question, you can quickly and easily look it up in this textbook in order to come away from the question with a deeper understanding of the topics involved on the Series 7. Remember that the Series 7 is not a memorization test but, rather, a "competency exam.

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Robert M. Walker

Like many writers, Robert M. Walker dreamed of being a famous novelist whose books are turned into screenplays and multimillion-dollar advances. Luckily, soon after graduate school at the University of Oregon, he published an opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune and found his true voice. Rather than creating characters, his calling was to explain how things work in the simplest of terms.
After a few more opinion pieces published in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Walker found himself teaching securities licensing exam courses, wondering if maybe there was an easier way to explain puts and calls, debentures, and the like.
Turns out, there was. Although his Pass the 65 and other securities license exam manuals cover the exam outlines in depth, Walker refuses to throw jargon at the reader without providing meaningful explanations. If taking apart the income statement, Walker explains it in a way that even an 11-year-old kid with a lemonade stand could understand. Being precise and concise is always the goal, which allows the reader to cover more information in less time.
These days, Robert M. Walker spends a few hours a day tutoring clients online and spends the rest writing and updating textbooks and practice questions for license exams including the Series 65 and Series 7.

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