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--70% more content than first edition --updated t0 2014 --30 photos and graphics In his most powerful investigation to date, award-winning journalist Walter M. Brasch digs into the natural gas industry and extracts the truth about fracking. This is the long-awaited second edition to the critically-acclaimed first edition that explored all aspects of the controversies surrounding fracking. Hydraulic horizontal fracturing, better known as fracking, is the process of injecting as much as seven million gallons of water, proppants (like silica sand), and toxins into the earth to fracture the shale and extract methane. Politicians want natural gas drillers to come into their states, primarily because of the numbers of well-paying jobs the industry creates, the overall economic benefits, and the lower costs of natural gas to the consumer.

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Walter M. Brasch

Parents of two sons, several pets.

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