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English historian and Christian humanist Christopher Dawson stood at the very center of the Catholic literary and intellectual revival in the four decades preceding Vatican II. One can find his influence throughout the twentieth-century Catholic Right. Poet and social critic T. S. Eliot considered him the foremost thinker of his generation, and the founder of American conservatism, Russell Kirk, wrote that he had been “saturated in Dawsonian historical studies [and] my own books reflect Dawson’s concepts.”Dawson’s reputation declined dramatically during the cultural shifts accompanying Vatican II, and few remembered the English Catholic in the final decades of the twentieth century. A revival of interest of Dawson and his body of work increased dramatically in the last years of John Paul II’s and the beginning of Benedict’s pontificates.

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Bradley J. Birzer

Normally, I hold the Russell Amos Kirk Chair in American Studies and am Professor of History at Hillsdale College, Michigan. I proudly serve on the boards of the Free Enterprise Institute and The Center for Cultural Renewal. I am also happily a "Fellow" and/or "Scholar" with the Foundation for Economic Education, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, The McConnell Center for Public Policy, the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, and the Center for Economic Personalism (Brazil) . In 2010, I co-founded The Imaginative Conservative website, and, in 2012, I co founded Progarchy.com, a site dedicated to the exploration of music in all of its various forms. I also write for Ignatius Insight, Catholic World Report, and CatholicVote. In 1990, I earned my B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, and, in 1998, I earned my PhD from Indiana University. I have had the great privilege to study with such excellent scholars as R. David Edmund, Bernard Sheehan, Russ Hanson, Anne Butler, Walter Nugent, Greg Dowd, and Marvin O'Connell. I am author of several books (please see below) and scholarly articles. Currently, I am completing an intellectual biography of Russell Kirk to be published by the University Press of Kentucky under the editorship of Steve Wrinn. Most importantly, though, my lovely wife (Dedra) and I have seven children and two cats.

For the 2014-2015 school year, I have the wonderful honor of being the "Scholar in Residence" and "Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy," University of Colorado-Boulder. I'm thrilled.

I have lots of loves: human liberty and dignity; baking; cooking; playing Legos with my kids; hiking and backpacking; good writing; Christian Humanism; Panera bagels; Apple products; and progressive rock and progressive jazz.

I've also been an Amazon.com customer since the fall of 1997.

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