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The history and beauty of an entire nation can be found in a natural wonderland where three states meet. Touring the Shenandoah Valley Backroads is the authoritative guide to that beauty and history. From vaulted caverns to presidential homes, from Indian warfare to breathtaking stretches of virgin wilderness, this updated and revised edition of the classic guidebook is a personal, enthusiastic tour of sites that have surprised even locals. Most people know the Shenandoah Valley for its Civil War era history and for John Brown. But fewer know that it was also home to luminaries from George Washington to singer Patsy Cline. Similarly, most know of its famed mineral springs, but how many have seen the geologic wonder known as Natural Bridge, once owned by Thomas Jefferson? With exclusive photography, detailed maps, and engaging text, Touring the Shenandoah Valley Backroads offers 13 tours within easy range of metropolitan centers like Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Norfolk.

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