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Transform ordinary rocks into amazing little houses and cottages. You don't have to be an artist to experience the fun of this simple yet exciting craft. Lin Wellford revitalized the art of painting on rocks, and her imaginative and innovative use of rocks and stones as art material continues to attract new fans. This book offers a range of projects, from basic cottages that any beginner can master, to A-frame chalets, farm houses, barns, churches, shops and storefronts, Tudor houses and even elaborate Victorian style mansions. Among the most popular projects are Wellford's 'gnome homes', which feature thatched roofs and can be further enhanced by the addition of wood filler to create dimensional eaves. A handful of acrylic paints, a few assorted brushes, and a pencil are all that is needed to get started with this intriguing craft. It's a perfect low-cost art activity for families, children's art classes, senior citizen groups, Scout troops and more. Paint one, or create an entire village to display. Add snow to the roofs and wreaths to the doors to transform your houses into a Christmas village. Because rocks are hard to break, these charming creations are likely to become treasured heirlooms, to be passed down through generations.

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Lin Wellford

A small river rock picked up while walking along a creek in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas was the start of a lifelong fascination for artist Lin Wellford. She took it home and painted on a few simple details. The transformation was immediate and amazing. Painting in three dimensions made her little rock rabbit seem to come to life.
After years of painting hundreds more creatures of all kinds, Lin responded to repeated requests for a book that would share her techniques for painting rocks, as well as pointers on how to choose rocks and how to match rock shapes to their perfect subject.
Her first book, The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks, came out in 1994 and immediately became a bestseller. It was followed by a yet more books, each taking on a different subject, including painting flowers and little cottages on rocks, painting rock pets, projects for kids to paint, easy projects for brand new painters, and most recently, a book devoted to painting manufactured stones and edging to turn any outdoor space into a garden gallery.
In addition to her books, Lin was a frequent guest on HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show, and has appeared on dozens of national, regional, and local television shows to spread the word about the accessibility and fun of rock painting. She is also the author of The New Grandparents Name Book.

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