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A million facts and figures, valuable for many uses-all in one volume. Years of professional scientific work, selection, and organization went into this encyclopedia.ALL NEWEvery Fact, every figure, every table, chart, diagram, and figure is all-new since the first edition. Double the Content-This new edition gives you twice the material and twice the data of the original book.ALL THE FACTS THAT COUNTGround water contaminationDrinking waterFloodsWaterborne diseasesGlobal warmingClimate changeIrrigationWater agencies and organizationsPrecipitationOceans and seasRivers, lakes and waterfallsWater use/reuseEnvironmentalThis is the one basic reference on water that all of us need for...ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS AND OTHER SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERSHydrologistsCivil engineersGround water geologistsEnvironmental scientistsBiologistsNaturalists-anyone whose profession involves waterGovernment OfficialsWater regulatory agenciesHealth officialsPeople with water-related responsibility in federal agencies such as EPA, USGS state officials, Departments of Environmental Protection, Environmental Quality, Public Health, and Municipal AgenciesALL LIBRARIESPublicCorporateAcademicScientificTechnicalHigh schoolWATER SUPPLIERSOperators of public/private water suppliesTreatment/Disposal PlantsEnvironmental GroupsIndustryEnvironmental Managers at Chemical, Petroleum and other manufacturersWater-Related Product ManufacturersPumps and pipesSoap and detergentWater softenersWater purifiersCONSULTANTS AND ACADEMIA"Designed to put an end to hunting through government publications, textbooks, technical journals, and scientific reports to find a badly needed fact on water, and, to this end, it is without a doubt the most important water reference you can order for your office.

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