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It's November, and as the island residents prepare for the coming months of cold and snow, they are surprised by God's unexpected lessons of humility, trust, and hope. Authors Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt revisit the Island of Heavenly Daze in the second book of the highly acclaimed series about a small town where angelic intervention is commonplace and the Thanksgiving feast a community affair.

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Lori Copeland

The name Lori Copeland often brings a smile to her fan's lips. Lori is a popular best selling contemporary and historical Christian author. Her books have been nominated for the prestigious Christy Award and received two Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Awards. She is known for her light, witty romances that emphasize a deeper message. Mrs. Copeland lives in the beautiful Ozarks with her husband and ever growing family which includes 7 adorable grand and great-grandchildren, that just keep coming! She always welcomes gentle feedback regarding her stories. "Like" Lori on Facebook.com

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