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Vintage lifestyle expert and interior designer Bob Richter shows us how to find the best vintage treasures and how living with them brings beauty, comfort and personal meaning into our homes.

Bob Richter has been thrifting and collecting vintage treasures for more than forty years, since the age of six. With a true passion for antiques, or any object with a past and a story, Richter speaks to our desire to surround ourselves with belongings that impart beauty and meaning to our lives. Drawing on his years of experience as a stylist and interior designer, Richter takes us through a trove of beautiful historic homes, illustrating how to live stylishly with our vintage finds and collections (hint: buy what you love, express yourself, and don't be afraid to mix periods!) .

A celebration of the art of thrifting and decorating with antiques of every era, Vintage Living is a full-service guide to treasure hunting, from flea markets, antique shows, and estate sales to country auctions, yard sales and the on-line marketplace. Richter also imparts hard-won practical tips, such as how best to negotiate and haggle.

With chapters on vintage entertaining and cooking; vintage holiday décor for all seasons (including Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween among others) ; giving vintage gifts; embracing vintage ways (write letters, repurpose and recycle) ; and caring for your old treasures, this bible of vintage living will inspire you to take a personal and creative approach to your décor.

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Bob Richter

A fan favorite from the PBS series Market Warriors, Bob uses his personality and expertise to strike deals at flea markets all over the country. Prior to PBS, Bob was the Host of Minute Makeover on ShelterPop, where he inexpensively transformed rooms. Bob also hosts the popular web series Flea Market Minute, where he interviews flea market vendors and shoppers worldwide.

Regularly featured in media outlets including The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, The Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Parade Magazine, House Beautiful, ABC, CBS and FOX, Bob delights in sharing design, antiques and bargaining advice.

Bob's love of design has been ingrained in him since he was a latchkey kid in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Often "refreshing" his mother's house before she returned home from work, Bob got his inspirations from old movies and attic treasures. He began collecting antiques at the age of 7, while tagging along with his older brother, thus beginning a life-long love affair with garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops.

Bob Richter's passion for collecting holiday décor also began when he was a boy. One day his father, who would take him to auctions, handed Bob a box of beautiful ornaments, including a blue jay, a Santa Claus, some bells, and other special figures, and said, "It's time you started collecting something and I know you like Christmas." So collect he did - and still does. That original box has grown into a collection that hovers at around 2,500 and counting.

Bob is also a Tastemaker for "Vintage and Market Finds" on the high-end shopping portal One Kings Lane where he curates special sales with art, antiques, and rescued objects. Specializing in a marriage of comfort and smart design, Bob offers up a fresh take on living with "stuff." His tongue-in-cheek mantra, "More is More," speaks to his love of art and antiques, which he culls from around the globe.

As a contributor to PBS.org, Bob has profiled Pop Artist Peter Max, written about art pottery, WWII collecting, vintage Christmas décor, vintage clothing, and more. He has also served as Guest Editor of NYCArts and offers antiques advice in eHow and The Intelligent Collector.

As a contributor to The Huffington Post, Bob covers antiques, design, travel, museums and lifestyle.

In addition to his other endeavors, Bob is a Communications Professor at New York University.

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