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A leadership journey unlike any other. Stretching across 500 miles of northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for a millennium. Each year, hundreds of thousands of peregrinos make their way through rugged countryside and medieval towns in order to reflect, test their will, and join a community of strangers on a shared mission. In short, it's the ideal training ground for authentic leadership. Challenged to walk the Camino, Victor Prince began his trek as one person: driven, work-focused and highly competitive, and he finished it a very different one: more balanced, more caring, and more present in the moment. In this transformative book he guides readers on their own Camino, translating his experience into seven essential leadership lessons inspired by the values emblazoned on the back of every pilgrim's passport: Treat each day as its own adventure - Make others feel welcome - Learn from those who've walked before - Consider your impact on those who follow - And more Leadership is a journey.

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Victor Prince

Victor Prince is the Managing Director of DiscoveredLOGIC LLC, a management consulting and training firm that serves clients in the US and overseas. He has 20 years of experience in corporate and government leadership positions. As a Bain & Company consultant, he led strategy engagements with clients in the US, UK, France and Spain. As an executive at Capital One, he managed internet marketing strategy. As a member of Washington DC Mayor Fenty's cabinet, he led the CapStat performance accountability program. As the Chief Operating Officer of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he led a division of 300-plus people. Victor has an MBA from Wharton and a BA from American University.

Victor delivers training in structured problem solving, effective communications, strategic planning, project management, leadership, negotiation, story-telling, coaching, resilience, chart design and time management. Victor delivers keynote addresses about his books, Lead Inside the Box and The Camino Way.

Victor lives in Indianapolis, IN. You can contact him at www.victorprince.com.

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