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Keeping kids safe takes vigilance. But when your child has food allergies, the challenge is greater and you worry that much more.

As a food-allergy mom (and someone seriously allergic herself) , author Mireille Schwartz has been through it all. Now, in this clear, reassuring guide she helps you get a handle on food allergies, establish new routines, and restore peace and order to family life. You'll learn to:

Spot the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction - Navigate testing and diagnosis - Decipher ingredient labels, keeping an eye out for -hidden- allergens - Allergy-proof your whole home--not just the kitchen - Create an emergency kit and an allergy action plan - Make school a safe and enjoyable environment - Find lunchbox substitutions your kid will like - Deal with restaurants, playdates, birthday parties, holidays, and other group celebrations - Plan for safe travels-- from summer camp to family getaways - And more

From protecting your child to teaching them to take care of themselves, When Your Child Has Food Allergies covers it all so your life can get back to normal.

About the Author

Mireille Schwartz

Mireille Schwartz is CEO of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board, a contributor to CNN Health and Yahoo News, and columnist for Allergic Living. Schwartz, her parents, her brother, and her daughter all have serious food allergies.

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