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"Detective Manon Bradshaw is 39, single, and miserable as sin. She has endured some of the worst dates in internet history. But she loves her job and performs it brilliantly; all she needs to rise up in the ranks is a big break. Edith Hind is a gorgeous, intrepid graduate student at Cambridge University who seems to have it all: a doting boyfriend, a devoted friend named Helena, a loving mother and a father who is a surgeon to the Royal Family. When Edith turns up missing from her apartment one evening, leaving only a single streak of blood along the front foyer wall, the case becomes a national media sensation. In the first frenzied 72 hours of being assigned to the case, Bradshaw will make a number of alarming discoveries: Edith's behavior had been erratic in the run-up to her disappearance, and her close friend Helena, the last person to see her, is clearly hiding something. A known sex offender appears in CCTV footage of Edith taken a short while before she goes missing. Then a body is discovered floating in a nearby river. Is Edith Hind alive or dead? Was her "complex love life" at the heart of her disappearance, as the tabloids are suggesting? Why is there reluctance, in the senior ranks, to press too hard on some elements of the story? Detective Bradshaw must use all her skill and resources to bring closure to the case for Edith's family, as she finds herself becoming ever more personally, and dangerously, invested"--

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Susie Steiner

I'm the author of three novels, including Missing, Presumed which introduced detective Manon Bradshaw to readers. She's back in a new case, Persons Unknown. I'm currently working on a third Manon installment.
I'm a former Guardian journalist. I started my writing life as a news reporter, first on a local paper (school fetes! Council planning meetings!) and then on The Daily Telegraph, the Times moving to features on the Guardian. I joined the Guardian staff in 2001 and was a commissioning editor on the paper for 11 years.
My first novel, Homecoming, was published by Faber & Faber in 2013. Described as 'truly exceptional' by The Observer, it tells the story of a Yorkshire farming family and in particular the sons' struggle to separate from their parents to become their own people. You can read reviews here: http://www.susiesteiner.co.uk/homecoming/
Missing, Presumed was an New York Times Book Review pick and one of the ten best mysteries of 2016 in the Wall Street Journal. It was a Guardian book of the year and has been shortlisted for Theakstons crime novel of the year in the UK.
Val McDermid said of Persons Unknown, 'I loved it. It's like walking on quicksand for detective and reader alike.'
I live with my husband and children in London.

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