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A remarkable new way to move beyond biases and blind spots, (especially if you don't think you have any!) so you can understand and communicate more effectively with a friend, lover, relative, or colleague You know what it feels like to be "at odds" with someone. Sometimes it seems like you are speaking completely different languages. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Dawna Markova and communication expert Angie McArthur, the author team behind the groundbreaking Collaborative Intelligence, have spent years developing and implementing tools to help people find common ground. In Reconcilable Differences, they provide the strategies you need to bridge the gap at the heart of your differences with others. Each of us possesses rational intelligence: the capacity to divide information into discrete categories, processes, and logical steps.

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Dawna Markova

Dawna Markova, Ph.D., is the CEO emeritus of Professional Thinking Partners. Internationally known for her research in the fields of learning and perception, she is a former senior affiliate of the Society for Organizational Learning, originated at MIT's Sloan School of Management, and the co-author of the international bestseller Random Acts of Kindness. She lives in Hawaii.

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