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Twenty-five years after his seminal Jesus' Son, a haunting new collection of short stories on aging, mortality, and transcendence, from National Book Award winner and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Denis Johnson

"A true American artist . . . a revelator for this still new century." - The New York Times Book Review

"The most essential writer of his generation." - Los Angeles Times

"America's most incandescent novelist." - Slate

"The God I want to believe in has a voice and a sense of humor like Denis Johnson's." - Jonathan Franzen

"Prose of amazing power and stylishness." - Philip Roth

"When Denis Johnson is justly praised for his voice, I always think, just the one? He has an eerie symphony at his command." - Karen Russell

"Infinite fannage." - George Saunders

"Great prose, truly great." - David Foster Wallace

"Denis Johnson is an exquisite writer." - Mary Gaitskill

"His lonely spaces and stunned lives have a hair-trigger fascination that is American to the core." - Don DeLillo

"He's not afraid to risk going straight toward the sublime." - Jenny Offill

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Denis Johnson

Denis Hale Johnson (born July 1, 1949) is an American writer best known for his short story collection Jesus' Son (1992) and his novel Tree of Smoke (2007) , which won the National Book Award for Fiction. He also writes plays, poetry and non-fiction.
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