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For readers addicted to histories or novels about the Civil War, a common challenge is the lack of adequate maps. This excellent volume satisfies that need, once and for all Its the clearest, fullest collection of strategic and tactical maps available, a fine volume on its own and an indispensable aid to understanding many another book. Few works truly are must-haves for a Civil War collection, but this ones essential. --Ralph Peters, author of Cain at Gettysburg and Hell or RichmondThe Civil War The Story of the War with Maps combines the colorful, detailed maps of an atlas with the vivid storytelling of the best narratives to piece together the nation-spanning jigsaw puzzle of the American Civil War. See the conflict develop from a few small armies into total war engulfing the whole South.

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M. David Detweiler

David Detweiler graduated from Yale, where he published fiction and wrote and performed in musical reviews. After working as a journalist, investigative reporter, and editor, he became president of Stackpole Books, a position he has enjoyed for thirty years. As an amateur military history buff, Detweiler developed and wrote the acclaimed GETTYSBURG, The Story of the Battle with Maps, with co-editor David Reisch. His most recent book, THE CIVIL WAR, The Story of the War with Maps, similarly presents a unique comprehensive overview of 1861-1865, describing and mapping the flow of our great national conflict from beginning to end as events unfolded. The books came to life as the result of his long and fruitless search for such a guide.Detweiler enjoys fly fishing, hunting, sports, composing, and writing fiction. He lives in Harrisburg, PA with his wife and son, and cannot resist chasing the fleeting what-ifs of history.

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