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Heirloom seeds are more than the promise of next summer's crookneck squash or jewel-colored zinnias. They're living antiques handed down from one generation to the next, a rich inheritance of flavor and beauty from long ago and, often, far away. They are sometimes better adapted to pests and harsh conditions than many modern varieties and often simply smell or taste better. Gardening with Heirloom Seeds serves as a resource for gardeners, cooks, and plant lovers of all levels of expertise who want to know more about finding, sharing, and propagating the seeds of heirloom flowers, fruits, and vegetables.In these beautifully illustrated pages, Lynn Coulter describes fifty old-fashioned species that have their roots in the past, from the Frenchman's Darling, a flowering herb whose seeds were pocketed by Napoleon Bonaparte when he invaded Egypt in 1798, to Snow White beets, an old Dutch favorite that will not stain the cook's fingers red.

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Lynn Coulter

Welcome to my Amazon page! I'm the author of Mustard Seeds: Thoughts on the Nature of God and Faith (B&H Books) and Gardening with Heirloom Seeds (UNC Press). My new book, Little Mercies: Celebrating God's Everyday Grace and Goodness, was released in March 2011.I'm also a freelance journalist who has written for Delta Sky, Southern Living, Family Circle, AAA Traveler, and many other magazines and newspapers. My short stories and articles for kids have appeared in Ranger Rick, Pockets, Jack and Jill, Fantastic Flyer, and more.Currently I live near Atlanta with my husband and son. I often speak at writing conferences and workshops; women's events; and gardening festivals. I'm also working on a novel for middle-graders.I love to hear from readers, so visit me at www.LynnCoulter.com. That's also where you can find "The Bark," a blog posted by loyal office assistant/rescue doggie, Miss Paws.

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