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Joal Derse Dauer was just donating blankets at a local no-kill shelter when a disabled and despondent dog caught her eye. With three "fur babies" already at home, Joal wasn't looking to adopt another dog. But there was something special about Sadie, a shepherd mix who had been shot in the head and in the back and left for dead in the hills of Kentucky after giving birth. One gaze into those sorrowful eyes and Joal vowed to do everything possible to get the pitiful creature walking again. The first three vets offered little hope for Sadie and two even recommended euthanasia. But with patience, hope, and plenty of love, Joal noticed a change in her canine companion. And somewhere along the difficult journey, she discovered that sweet Sadie had transformed her life in ways she never could have imagined.

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Joal Derse Dauer

"Saving Sadie: How a Dog That No One Wanted Inspired the World" is Joal Derse Dauer's first book for adults. She has had a lifelong passion for animals and has worked as a Transitional Organization Specialist for more than twenty-five years. Together, she and her special needs dog, Sadie, travel the country spreading their important messages about disability acceptance, anti-bullying and strengthening the laws and punishments regarding animal cruelty and abuse. She lives in Muskego, Wisconsin.

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