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Franklin Henry Little (1878-1917) , an organizer for the Western Federation of Miners and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) , fought in some of the early twentieth century's most contentious labor and free-speech struggles. Following his lynching in Butte, Montana, his life and legacy became shrouded in tragedy and family secrets. In Frank Little and the IWW, author Jane Little Botkin chronicles her great-granduncle's fascinating life and reveals its connections to the history of American labor and the first Red Scare. Beginning with Little's childhood in Missouri and territorial Oklahoma, Botkin recounts his evolution as a renowned organizer and agitator on behalf of workers in corporate agriculture, oil, logging, and mining. Frank Little traveled the West and Midwest to gather workers beneath the banner of the Wobblies (as IWW members were known) , making soapbox speeches on city street corners, organizing strikes, and writing polemics against unfair labor practices.

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