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Who killed the economy? A page-turning, true-crime exposé of the subprime salesmen and Wall Street alchemists who produced the biggest financial scandal in American history "It's hard to have a guilty conscience if you don't have a conscience. Anything that benefited production - that benefited me and benefited my wallet - I'd do it."The sales force at Ameriquest Mortgage took this philosophy to heart. They watched the Hollywood white-collar-crime flick "Boiler Room" as a training tape, studying how to pitch overpriced deals to unsuspecting home owners. They learned how to forge signatures on mortgage paperwork and create fake documents in "cut-and-paste" operations they dubbed "The Lab" or "The Art Department.

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Michael W. Hudson

Michael Hudson is a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative journalist. His two decades of work on mortgage and banking fraud has prompted media observers to call him the reporter "who beat the world on subprime abuses," the "guru of all things predatory lending" and "the Woodward/Bernstein of the mortgage crisis."He is currently on his second stint as a senior editor with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. At ICIJ, Hudson has worked on many major projects, including the organization's Offshore Leaks, China Leaks, Luxembourg Leaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers and FinCEN Files investigations of offshore money laundering and tax avoidance. He was an editor, reporter and writer on the Panama Papers investigation, which won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting. In between his two tours at ICIJ, Hudson worked as global investigations editor at The Associated Press, where he edited the AP's investigation of war crimes and corruption in Yemen, which won a 2019 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.His reporting has also been published in Forbes, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Mother Jones, Le Monde, El Pais, The Sydney Morning Herald and other publications.Along with the Pulitzer Prize, his work has won many honors -- including five Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards, four George Polk Awards, three SPJ Awards and two Overseas Press Club Awards as well as accolades from the National Press Club, the White House Correspondents' Association, the American Bar Association, New York Press Club and the New York State Society of CPAs.He edited the award-winning book Merchants of Misery and appeared in the documentary film Maxed Out. His latest book, THE MONSTER: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America--and Spawned a Global Crisis, was named 2010 Book of the Year by Baltimore City Paper and called "essential reading for anyone concerned with the mortgage crisis" by Library Journal.His 2011 series of stories for the Center for Public Integrity, "The Great Mortgage Cover-Up," was selected to appear in Columbia University Press's Best Business Writing 2012 and won two awards from the Society of American Business Writers and Editors.https://www.icij.org/journalists/michael-hudson/Twitter: @michaelwhudson

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