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This user-friendly guide to the basics helps you learn how to speak Chinese quickly and easily by drawing parallels with something you already know - English. Chinese is a fascinating language that can seem impossibly difficult to learn at first, but is relatively easy if you focus on the spoken aspect. This revised edition contains new dialogues, cultural notes, IT and social media vocabulary, and new manga illustrations. This book is designed for everyone who wants to learn to speak and understand colloquial Chinese - whether it is for business, pleasure, or travel to China. A lighthearted guide that brings Chinese to life in a down-to-earth fashion, Mandarin Chinese for Beginners makes language learning fun. Real-life dialogues and situations help you to converse with confidence Sentence pattern exercises and drills help to reinforce what you are learning Native-speaker audio recordings enable you to pronounce Chinese vocabulary accurately Interesting notes, idioms, sayings and poems introduce you to Chinese culture Mandarin Chinese for Beginners contains lots of extra hints and tips drawn from the authors' many years of experience in teaching the language to foreigners.

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Yi Ren

Yi Ren taught and did research in Beijing after graduating from Tsinghua University. On moving to the U.S. she began to teach Chinese and has more than 15 year Chinese-teaching experience. She has published 15 articles and one book in Chinese. At her adult students' urging, Yi decided to offer her dynamic Chinese teaching method via Chinese for Beginners to help others learn the language while enjoying it. She lives with her family in Denver, Colorado.Xiayuan Liang practiced medicine in China before coming to the United States. She currently is an associate professor at University of Colorado School of Medicine. In her spare time, Xiayuan likes to read and to discuss interesting topics with friends--in Chinese, of course!

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