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Pirates, family, and the truth about Mo's Upstream Mother collide in the long-awaited conclusion to the Newbery Honor and New York Times bestselling Three Times Lucky

Pirate fever sweeps through the town after an opportunistic treasure hunter shows up looking to lay claim to Blackbeard's lost gold buried somewhere in Tupelo Landing. Mo, Dale, and Harm Crenshaw--Desperado Detectives--are more than happy to join in the digging, espcially when the Mayor's mean mother hires them to find it first.
But when Miss Lana and the Colonel reveal their own treasures: clues about Mo's long lost Upstream Mother--Mo is finally ready to take on the most important case of her life.
Readers can come to this--the most tender Mo & Dale Mystery yet--right after Three Times Lucky if they like. As the net draws tighter around Upstream Mother, Mo, Dale, and Harm are faced with possible Pirate Curses, family secrets, and the chance that one of them may have to leave Tupelo Landing behind for good.

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Sheila Turnage

Sheila Turnage lives on a farm in North Carolina with her husband, a blind dog and an ill-tempered cat.

A native North Carolinian, she's spent most of her life surrounded by the poetry and humor of rural NC. She writes books, articles and poems, and enjoys writing about the South in general and NC in particular. Her books include Compass American Guides: North Carolina and Haunted Inns of the Southeast.

Three Times Lucky is her first novel for kids. It's set in the fictitious town of Tupelo Landing, North Carolina - population 148 minus one (murder) .

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