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When we live with unresolved anger or hurt, the result is nearly always bitterness, broken relationships, and unhealthy behaviors. Unforgiveness not only sabotages our interactions with those around us, it impedes our own spiritual growth and inner peace. And it can happen to anyone.In her most vulnerable writing yet, Ruth Graham reveals how a visit to Angola Prison inspired her to release the unforgiveness lurking in her own heart--toward others, herself, and even her heavenly Father and her earthly father, evangelist Billy Graham. In this encouraging book, she weaves her own personal experiences with biblical examples to explore what holds us back from forgiving others and ourselves--and what we gain when we finally discover the power to forgive. Along the way, she guides us into our own deeply personal experiences of forgiveness that will penetrate our protective walls and unleash true transformation in our lives.

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Ruth Graham

Ruth is a mother of three, grandmother to nine wonderful young people. She is the president and founder of Ruth Graham Ministries. Author of 10 books including best-selling book, In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart and award winning, Step Into the Bible. Her latest book, Forgiving My Farther, Forgiving Myself, An Invitation to the Miracle of Forgiveness was published by Baker Books, 2019. The middle child born to Evangelist Billy and Ruth Bell Graham, Ruth says that being their child is part of what she is but not who she is. She has had her own faith journey that has been messy. She has known heartache, depression, betrayal, rejection, stubborn willfulness, anxiety and fear. Through it all she has seen the faithfulness and grace of God. She says that she is qualified to speak to various groups because she is flawed - a sinner saved by grace. Her life verse is John 1:16, "Of His fullness have we all received, grace upon grace." (NAS) As a result of her life experience she has commited her life to reaching those people who have been wounded by life, the choice of another or by their own decisions and feel marginalized. Many of these people believe they have out sinned God's love and grace for them and are in a place of shame, guilt and despair. She brings a message of hope, restoration and joy.

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