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How do we overcome what we are being overcome by--whether depression, anxiety, overeating, a negative view of ourselves or any other stronghold--in order to experience the freedom that is available to us in Christ? When the pressures of life become overwhelming, we often find ourselves turning to food, shopping, alcohol, television or whatever our "counterfeit" might be in search of the relief, release and peace we are longing for. These choices are not necessarily bad, but the satisfaction is merely temporary. Before we know it, we can find ourselves enslaved by addictive and destructive behaviors, but there is a way out.With grace and warmth, author Robia Scott shows how true healing and lasting satisfaction can be found only as we learn to transfer our dependence from counterfeit comforts onto our one true Comforter: the Holy Spirit.

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Robia Scott

Robia Scott began her professional career as a dancer and actress in Hollywood at the age of sixteen. She traveled the world as a dancer with Prince starring as Pearl in his international tour Diamonds and Pearls and had roles on popular television shows like Beverly Hills 90210, and CSI. She is most known for her three years on the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where she became a Christian (yes, it is a great story) .

Shortly thereafter, she left her thriving career in entertainment to go into full time ministry. Robia's God given gift of expression and communication of truth as an artist is now being utilized for the Kingdom of God. A gifted teacher of the Word and extremely knowledgeable of scripture, Robia offers believers practical, applicable, Biblical tools and has a teaching style that is dynamic, relatable, down to earth, and fun.

Robia and her husband, James, are the senior leaders of The Deeper Life Training Center in Redondo Beach, Ca. and they live in Southern California with their beautiful daughter, Gemma.

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