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"Gary Morland is a gifted communicator who has learned many lessons the hard way. He grew up in a dysfunctional family and went down that road himself, bottoming out as a confused alcoholic with a wife, two daughters, and no idea how to change. God transformed Gary's life through his grace and the practical advice of wise mentors. Those lessons are passed along in this powerful and insightful book."--John Fuller, cohost of Focus on the Family

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Gary Morland

I'm a husband and dad who was once dominated by addiction and dysfunction but am now best friends with acceptance and grace. Someone showed me the way, and I applied it to my family.

I spent twenty years learning what didn't work, then another twenty-plus years learning a better way. And I took notes. Now I want to help you and your family the way I was helped.

I've been Brenda's groom and nurturer for over 40 years. I'm the father of authors Emily P. Freeman and Myquillyn Smith (The Nester) , a grandfather, brother, and father-in-law. I've held lesser assignments such as church elder, Bible teacher, podcaster, writer, diesel engine assembler, folding chair riveter, Emergency Medical Technician, operations manager, radio morning show host and coach, and people listener. I'm also encourager-in-residence for the Hope*Writers community membership site.

Brenda and I live in Mint Hill, NC with our malshipoo Molly. My life's dream is to one day personally experience the nearly extinct Snickerdoodle Skinny Cow.

As a thirty-plus-year sober alcoholic, I'm definitely a guy who should have died but didn't, with a wife who should have left but stayed. If anyone knows the power of grace and forgiveness in families, it's me. Nice to meet you!

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