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Princess Ellie is crazy about horses. She'd much rather ride one of her four fabulous ponies, or even clean out the royal stables, than have tea with the Prime Minister or entertain dull royal visitors. Full of authentic pony facts and sparkly princessy detail! One day, when Ellie is riding through the woods, her brave Welsh pony suddenly whirls around and refuses to go any further. Has Rainbow seen a ghost? It's a real puzzle and Princess Ellie is determined to solve it.

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Diana Kimpton

Diana Kimpton has always been pony-mad so it's not surprising she enjoys writing horse books. Her Pony Mad Princess Series has sold over 900,000 copies in English and been translated into 12 languages. After writing a series about Amy Wild, a girl who can talk to animals, Diana has returned to her favourite subject again with her latest book, There Must Be Horses, which is her first novel for older readers. Since 1990, Diana has had more than 40 books published by the traditional route but she's now enjoying the freedom of self-publishing. There Must Be Horses is the first book she has produced herself without ever offering it to publishers, and she's found the process such fun that she's definitely going to do it again. She currently lives on an island off the coast of England where she can ride her horse within sight of the sea.

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