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Elizabeth Baskin falls in love, and gets married and discovers six years later that the magic is gone-or rather, fading. Her husband, Roger, has grown a paunch, lost interest in sex, and seems allergic to conversation. What's a disgruntled wife to do? She scores an appointment with a Beverly Hills doctor to the stars who sells her a miracle packet of herbs. All she has to do is slip them in Roger's orange juice and he'll go from dud to stud. Little does she know that perfection-especially when it comes to husbands-is highly overrated.

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Jane Heller

I'm really excited that my new novel, THREE BLONDE MICE, now has an August 2, 2016 pub date! It's a spinoff of PRINCESS CHARMING, my comedy about three best friends who spend a week on a Caribbean cruise with plenty of romance, suspense and lots of laughs. THREE BLONDE MICE finds them on a "haycation" at a farm resort in CT, milking a cow, making cheese and taking cooking classes with a famous chef who's marked for murder. It's the first book in my planned "Three Blonde Mice" series of comedies in which the three friends will take trips together - trips that will inevitably involve passion, both romantic and sinister!

On the nonfiction side, I continue to travel the country talking about caregiving and my book YOU'D BETTER NOT DIE OR I'LL KILL YOU: A Caregiver's Survival Guide to Keeping You in Good Health and Good Spirits. It's what I affectionately called "Nora Ephron's I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK meets Heidi Murkoff's WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING" in that it's a combo of my personal, often humorous essays about caring for my husband, interviews with other caregivers (of children, spouses and aging parents) , and advice from a wide range of experts. With over 65 million caregivers in this country, I thought it was time for a book that will entertain caregivers even as it provides lots of ideas for self-care. Check it out for yourself or someone you care about. My 99-year-old mom has dementia and I recently moved from CA to CT to be near her, so I've been living my book double time!

I love hearing from readers, so please get in touch at www.janeheller.com.

xo Jane

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