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They say sixty is the new forty. Whoopi Goldberg wants to know, "Why can't sixty be sixty and proud of it?" Laugh-out-loud funny and downright helpful, Two Old Broads tells it like it is for all of us who left middle age in the dust and want to be present, positive, and as extraordinary as ever in our golden years.As Whoopi and Dr. Hecht tell their stories of growing older with no apologies, they'll help youstay active physically and mentallymake finalizing your will more rewarding than it soundsnavigate tricky subjects, such as whether you need a home aidewin friends and influence people or take a nap, depending on the daydiscover joy in relationships even when your excretions outweigh your secretionsget up financially, physically, and emotionally after a fallkeep a sense of humor about getting older (of course!) Imminently practical and slightly crotchety (with charm) , Two Old Broads is the aging book for the ages.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is the the author of the Sugar Plum Ballerinas books, as well as Whoopi's Big Book of Manners, illustrated by Olo. She has won a Tony, an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Grammy, as well as two Golden Globes. In 2001, she was awarded the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Whoopi Goldberg has appeared in scores of films and is a host of ABC's The View. She lives in New York and Vermont.

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