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An unforgettable saga inspired by true events, The Last Exiles is a searing portrait of a young couple in Pyongyang and their fight for love and freedomJin and Suja met and fell in love while studying at university in Pyongyang. She was a young journalist from a prominent family, while he was from a small village of little means. Outside the school, North Korea has fallen under great political upheaval, plunged into chaos and famine. When Jin returns home to find his family starving, their food rations all but gone, he makes a rash decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life.Meanwhile, miles away, Suja has begun to feel the tenuousness of her privilege when she learns that Jin has disappeared. Risking everything, and defying her family, Suja sets out to find him, embarking on a dangerous journey that leads her into a dark criminal underbelly and tests their love and will to survive.

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Ann Shin

Raised on a farm in British Columbia, Ann now lives in Toronto with her partner, two daughters and two cats. Aside from cooking or taking walks, she spends her time writing and working as a director or producer. The Last Exiles is her debut novel and is based on firsthand experience following North Koreans defecting from their country. Her previous publications include the poetry books The Family China and The Last Thing Standing. Ann is available to speak at bookclubs and other venues and can be reached via https://annshin.com/

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