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The first humans still hunt their children across the stars. Dave Hutchinson brings far future science fiction on a grand scale in Acadie.The Colony left Earth to find their utopia--a home on a new planet where their leader could fully explore the colonists' genetic potential, unfettered by their homeworld's restrictions. They settled a new paradise, and have been evolving and adapting for centuries.Earth has other plans.The original humans have been tracking their descendants across the stars, bent on their annihilation. They won't stop until the new humans have been destroyed, their experimentation wiped out of the human gene pool.Can't anyone let go of a grudge anymore?

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Dave Hutchinson

UK writer who published four volumes of stories by the age of twenty-one - Thumbprints, which is mostly fantasy, Fools' Gold, Torn Air and The Paradise Equation, all as David Hutchinson - and then moved into journalism. The deftness and quiet humaneness of his work was better than precocious, though the deracinatedness of the worlds depicted in the later stories may have derived in part from the author's apparent isolation from normal publishing channels. After a decade of nonfiction, Hutchinson returned to the field as Dave Hutchinson, assembling later work in As the Crow Flies; tales like "The Pavement Artist" use sf devices to represent, far more fully than in his early work, a sense of the world as inherently and tragically not a platform for Transcendence. His first novel, The Villages, is Fantasy; The Push, an sf tale set in the Human Space sector of the home galaxy, describes the inception of Faster Than Light travel and some consequent complications when expanding humanity settles on a planet full of Alien life. Europe in Autumn (2014) , an sf thriller involving espionage, takes place in a highly fragmented and still fragmenting Near-Future Europe, one of whose sovereign mini-nations is a transcontinental railway line; over the course of the central plot - which seems to reflect some aspects of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 - the protagonist becomes involved in the Paranoia-inducing Les Coureurs des Bois, a mysterious postal service which also delivers humans across innumerable borders. - See more at: Works* The Villages (Holicong, Pennsylvania: Cosmos Books, 2001) * Europe in Autumn (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2014) Collections and Stories* Thumbprints (London: Abelard, 1978) * Fools' Gold (London: Abelard, 1978) * Torn Air (London: Abelard, 1980) * The Paradise Equation (London: Abelard, 1981) * As the Crow Flies (Wigan, Lancashire: BeWrite Books, 2004) * The Push (Alconbury Weston, Cambridgeshire: NewCon Press, 2009)

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