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Centuries after the ecological collapse of Earth humanity has spread among the stars Under the governance of the League our endless need for resources has driven us to colonize hundreds of planets all of them devoid of other sentient life Humanity is apparently alone in the universeThen comes the sudden brutal decimation of Kassa a small farming planet by a mysterious attacker The few survivors send out a desperate plea for aid which is answered by two unlikely rescuers Prudence Falling is the young captain of a tramp freighter She and her ragtag crew have been on the run and living job to job for years eking out a living by making cargo runs that arent always entirely legal Lt Kyle Daspar is a police officer from the wealthy planet of Altair Prime working undercover as a double agent against the League Hes been undercover so long he cant be trusted by anyone-even himselfWhile flying rescue missions to extract survivors from the surface of devastated Kassa they discover what could be the most important artifact in the history of man an alien spaceship crashed and abandoned during the attackBut in The Kassa Gambit by MC Planck there is more to the story Together they discover the cruel truth about the destruction of Kassa and that an imminent alien invasion is the least of humanitys concerns.

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M. C. Planck

M.C. Planck is the author of The Kassa Gambit. After a nearly-transient childhood, he hitchhiked across the country and ran out of money in Arizona. So he stayed there for thirty years, raising dogs, getting a degree in philosophy, and founding a scientific instrument company. Having read virtually everything by the old masters of SF&F, he decided he was ready to write. A decade later, with a little help from the Critters online critique group, he was actually ready. He was relieved to find that writing novels is easier than writing software, as a single punctuation error won't cause your audience to explode and die. When he ran out of dogs, he moved to Australia to raise his daughter with kangaroos.

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