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Theres evil people around Dermot love I knew about them even before me dream Really evil people Wont we have to fight themThis latest tale of Nuala Anne McGrail the engagingly fey heroine of such irresistible books as Irish Cream and Irish Lace begins with a foreboding dream of some terrible impending evil Dermot Michael Coyne Nualas adoring husband and spear-carrier knows better than to ignore his wifes second sight but from whence does this nameless peril originate From the Homeland Security goons determined to deport the Irish-born Nuala on the basis of nothing more than vague suspicions and accusations From the spiteful neighbors campaigning against their familys beloved Irish wolfhounds Or from the tangled dealings of the Currans a prosperous clan of Irish-American aristocrats with whom Nuala and Dermot have recently become acquaintedThe true danger becomes shockingly apparent when a catastrophic car-bombing rocks the Chicago riverfront Uncovering the twisted minds behind the bombing is not easy Dermot and Nuala soon find themselves enmeshed in a complicated tapestry of lies and secrets Nualas preternatural instincts also lead her to a forgotten manuscript revealing the treachery and deceit behind a tragic chapter in Irish history the saga of bold Robert Emmet and the failed uprisings of and Between the past and the present our heroine and her devoted spouse have more than enough mysteries to contend with but the two of them are bound to make the truth just as clear as Irish Crystal.

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Andrew M. Greeley

A native of Chicago, Father Andrew M. Greeley, is a priest, distinguished sociologist and bestselling author. He is professor of social sciences at the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona, as well as Research Associate at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. His current sociological research focuses on current issues facing the Catholic Church-including celibacy of priests, ordination of women, religious imagination, and sexual behavior of Catholics.Father Greeley received the S.T.L. in 1954 from St. Mary of Lake Seminary. His graduate work was done at the University of Chicago, where he received the M.A. Degree in 1961 and the Ph.D. in 1962.Father Greeley has written scores of books and hundreds of popular and scholarly articles on a variety of issues in sociology, education and religion. His column on political, church and social issues is carried by the Chicago Sun Times and many other newspapers. He stimulates discussion of neglected issues and often anticipates sociological trends. He is the author of more than thirty bestselling novels and an autobiography, Furthermore!: Confessions of a Parish Priest.

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