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The Roaring Twenties Come to Life! Amelia Winslow and her brother, Phillip, create new lives for themselves in New York during the exciting but dangerous Roaring Twenties. Against her familiy's wishes, Amelia becomes a nightclub singer with hopes of starring on Broadway. Owing her success to a gangster, she refuses to listen to the pleas of those concerned with her safety. While Phil pursues his dream of college and a career in law, he makes his family proud as an assistant district attorney. But he finds himself in love with someone who could put his future in jeopardy. Amelia and Philip become more and more entangled in a precarious underworld. Unless they can find a way out, they may be destroyed by their own most cherished dreams. .

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Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris is among today's most popular Christian writers; his books having sold nearly six million copies worldwide. He specializes in historical fiction and won a 2001 Christy Award for the Civil War drama Edge of Honor. Once a pastor and English professor who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas, Morris lives with his wife in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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