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Daddy Bear insists he's the scariest creature in the forest - didn't you know that nothing can frighten a bear? When a noise in the night awakens Baby Bear, he starts to believe maybe there is something scarier out there than Daddy Bear. The bears set out to investigate. But as the monsters vanish one by one, it looks like Daddy Bear might not be so brave after all! This hilarious, rhyming text about bedtime frights is a perfect read-aloud with a funny refrain.

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Elizabeth Dale

Elizabeth Dale always dreamed of being a writer, but somehow got sidetracked into studying for a physics degree. When her children were born, she returned to her dream and found she loved writing children's books more than anything. She loves traveling and seeking inspiration for her stories. Having seen what a wonderful life she leads, two of her daughters have grown up to be children's authors, too. Elizabeth Dale lives in West Sussex, England.

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