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Woo-woo! When Little Train ventures way down the tracks, he's glad he remembers his mommy and daddy's coaching in a story with sure appeal for first-time adventurers.

Chooooo! Little Train is going out on the track all by himself for the first time. He runs through a field and rattles across a bridge. Clickety-clack! Rattly-tat! Then he climbs a mountain and races by the river. Clumpety-clip! Zippety-zoom! Oh, no! Now he's gone too far. Will Little Train recall what his mother and father said about finding his way home? With a nod to beloved classics such as The Little Engine That Could, here is a celebration of independence and parental reassurance that is sure to chug its way into the hearts of little readers everywhere.

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Timothy Knapman

I've always loved writing stories - funny ones especially.
I try to make my books as exciting as possible because I know how much I enjoyed the books I read when I was small. I am very conscious that it's now my turn to introduce children to the joys of reading, and to create a book habit that will last a lifetime.
That doesn't mean I want to make things easy, because I think easy is boring - especially for kids. I want my young readers to be thrilled and entertained - but also challenged and stretched.
Each time I start a story - even if it's part of a series about the same character, such as my three Mungo adventures - I want it to be completely different from anything I've written before. Now I've written a few, though, I do see the same themes popping up: friendship is one, and adventure another.
One of the great delights of writing children's books is that you get to work with illustrators. (People who only write for grown-ups must be green with envy!) They are all amazingly talented and inspiring. It is a huge thrill to open your own book for the first time and see it brought to such stunning life by their dazzling imaginations.
But don't take my word for it - check out my books!
You can find out more about me and my work at www.timothyknapman.com.

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