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In an isolated society, one girl makes a discovery that will change everything - and learns that a single stone, once set in motion, can bring down a mountain.

Jena - strong, respected, reliable - is the leader of the line, a job every girl in the village dreams of. Watched over by the Mothers as one of the chosen seven, Jena's years spent denying herself food and wrapping her limbs have paid off. She is small enough to squeeze through the tunnels of the mountain and gather the harvest, risking her life with each mission. No work is more important. This has always been the way of things, even if it isn't easy. But as her suspicions mount and Jena begins to question the life she's always known, the cracks in her world become impossible to ignore. Thought-provoking and quietly complex, Meg McKinlay's novel unfolds into a harshly beautiful tale of belief, survival, and resilience stronger than stone.

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Meg McKinlay

Meg McKinlay is a children's writer and poet living in Fremantle, Western AustraliaShe has published thirteen books for young people, ranging from picture books through to young adult novels, and a collection of poetry for adults. Her most recent publications are the picture books and (for older readers) . A former academic, swimming teacher, Japanese interpreter and tour guide, Meg has accidentally lived her life in accordance with the song lyrics, "If you see a strange door to your left/then drop your things and run for it"*, which is how she found herself wrangling words for a living. Meg has no plans to drop writing, though; she is always cooking up more books, with two new picture books scheduled for 2017, and more to follow. * From 'Wildflowers', by Things of Stone and Wood

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