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The world is wide awake - are you? Stunning photos and poetic text usher readers into the early moments of life all around them.Wake up! Come out and explore all the new creatures being born - just-hatched birds in the trees, tadpoles in the pond, a baby fawn in the woods. In their latest collaboration, poet Helen Frost and photographer Rick Lieder, the creators of Step Gently Out, Sweep Up the Sun, and Among a Thousand Fireflies, invite readers to wake up, open their eyes, and see the awe-inspiring array of new life just outside their door.

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Helen Frost

Helen Frost's novels, poetry, and picture books are loved by readers of all ages. They have won many honors and awards, including a Michael L. Printz honor for "Keesha's House," and inclusion on Best Books for Young Adults, ALA Notables, and over 50 state award lists.
Helen grew up in a large family, first in Brookings, South Dakota, and later in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. She now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where her yard is a "Monarch Waystation."
She loves poetry, children, and exploring the world.

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