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Vern Yip is one of the most beloved and recognizable interior designers in America. Over the course of his near-decade at HGTV, he has counseled thousands of people on beautifying their homes on limited budgets. Through his shows, as well as in his regular column "Learn from Vern" in HGTV Magazine, he has become a trusted advisor for people wanting to create functional and beautiful living spaces.

In his debut design book, Vern introduces his "design by the numbers" approach, revealing the optimal measurements that are integral to making a room feel "right." For example: where to place sofas in relation to coffee tables, how high or low to hang artwork, and how large a living room rug should be. Discovering these simple standards will help every reader bring flow and balance to a home, and give them confidence to develop a personal aesthetic. Every chapter will offer expansive images of Vern's three homes and show how he's used these principles to achieve everyday harmony and comfort. Whether it's a laid-back Florida cottage, a small Manhattan apartment, or a traditional family home in Atlanta, Vern's key design principles will make any house a true home.

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