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Hildy almost becomes the dinner at a Pig Pickinx barbecue. Moosexs best friend, Hildy, is thrilled when a farmer invites her to enter a Pig Pickinx contest down South. She thinks itxs a beauty contest, and Moose is eager to go with her. When they get to the county fair, however, Moose starts to worry. The farmer keeps offering Hildy pizza and ice cream. Why is he so interested in fattening her up? Is the Pig Pickinx really a beauty contestxor is Hildy going to become the barbecue? Moose uses his wits to save his best friend from a terrible fate in this funny story about friendship and loyalty.,

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Stephanie Greene

Stephanie Greene is the author of many books for young readers, including the popular Owen Foote books. Ms. Greene lives in Chapel Hill, N.C. Her website is www.stephaniegreenebooks.com.

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