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Fact-filled, fun-filled, as interesting to parents as it is to kids, the How Come? series is the trusted source for lively, clear answers to kids science queries. Now the best questions and answers from all three booksHow Come? How Come? Planet Earth and How Come? In the Neighborhoodhave been revised, updated, freshly illustrated in full color, supplemented with twenty completely new questions, and combined into one bigger, better volume. How Come? explains, in fascinating detail, more than 200 mysteries and phenomena in the world around us. These are the questions that pique kids curiosityand stump parents.When it rains, does running rather than walking to the nearest shelter really keep you any drier? How can a stone skip across a pond instead of sink? If the Earth is spinning, why cant we feel it? Why dont we fly off? Why do elephants have trunks? And the all-time classic, Why is the sky blue? Sunlight has a hidden rainbow of colors, and air molecules scatter blues the mostsending bright blue light down to Earth.

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