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If you ask Dr. Harold Reitman, labels are a lousy way to describe a unique human being, whether its Aspergers, high functioning autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Tourettes or even the so-called neurotypical brain itself. One size does not fit all. Everyones brain is different.   Helping others get it when it comes to dealing with those with so-called learning disabilities is why Reitman has written this book. Its also why he wrote and produced The Square Root of 2, a movie about a college student who encountersand fightsher schools unjust system. The film was inspired by the real events faced by his daughter and contributing author, Rebecca, when she went to college her seizure disorder andat the timeundiagnosed Asperger syndrome posed unique challenges not faced by most students.

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Harold Reitman

Dr. Harold "Hackie" Reitman is an orthopedic surgeon, a former professional and Golden Gloves champion heavyweight boxer, philanthropist, and a movie producer. His recent release, The Square Root of 2, is a fictionalized adaptation of his daughter Rebecca's challenges at college (TheSquareRootOf2. com) .

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